Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spooks, Jocks, & Queers

The illustration art of Fred Fixler (1923-2010) artist, and influential teacher whose circle included Glen Orbik, Morgan Weistling, Shawn Zents, Nathan Fowkes, Greg Pro, Jeffrey Watts, Steve Rude, Robh Ruppel, Jeremy Lipking, Sean Cheetham, Aaron Westerberg.


  1. if you think penn won that fight than you know absolutely nothing about how an MMA match is scored.

  2. Frankie? Dana? With 1 takedown, no ground and a handful of kicks, it was a boxing match. Penn out jabbed, landed counters on every exchange and all the power blows for the first three rounds. The 4th could be a draw, and I'll cede the 5th to Edgar. 49-47 PENN

    Who can seriously justify a 50-45 card for Edgar?