Saturday, May 15, 2010

Roberts Howard- Fantasy Artist

Roberts "Robz" Howard has been one of Americas premiere fantasy artist/illustrators for the past four decades. Having produced close to 900 paperback covers and untold amounts of magazine interiors he stands without peer. Once known as "The Kid Who Could Draw", Robz put those skillz to serious use. His tell-tale trademark, quality, comes from his never ending quest for perfection.

For Dragon Attack studies that would make a lesser artist proud, don't cut it for Robz.

Oil, gouache, poser, ink, photoshop, Robz does it all. Hell!, he wrote the book!!

Here we see where Bernie Wrightson got his look (that's wright, rippin' off Robz). Though the cards are inserted by a computer technician, ideas and art by Robz.

A special bonus, Master analysis of a Master, Robz on Pyle. IMHO Robz' art shows you just what a piker Pyle was.

erratum: The Pyle composition analysis is by students under the tutelage of the Master, Robz.

(unidentified student of Robz)


  1. "Once known as 'The Kid Who Could Draw'"

    Or maybe he had a thick Southern accent and was actually known as "The Kid Who Would Drawl"; sometimes mythos gets corrupted like that.

  2. The kid who could draw-- flies... and gnats.

  3. just like any other rotting carcass