Friday, June 8, 2012

A Vermeer Restored

or: Hey, but leading scientists and experts agree!

Only, you see, that or something like it ain't it.

This is~

Vermeer's glazes have both faded and (even worse) been scrubbed away by tasteless heavy handed hacks, so all that remains is a duotone underpainting* (which they pass off as his subtle use of colour). Now if thats what remains of the master's hand …fine …but the gall to claim it's a restoration of Vermeer's original vision.

Condition before cleaning**~

file under: Further proof of,  "It just doesn't matter anymore …"

*a.k.a. ~ Dead-colouring (as in grey, lifeless)

**which it needed, but this would only prelude an extensive repaint (that no one will do), so why bother?

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