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Albert Dorne: Master Illustrator

Albert Dorne:  Master Illustrator
Text by David Apatoff  Edited by Manuel Auad
Auad Publishing
Hardback edition ISBN 0-978-1-6205035-9-1

"A wonderful hodgepodge of cartoon and cartoony realistic illustrations, filled with larger than life characters each delightfully animated and rock solidly drawn." ~ अर्जुन

Pepto-Bismol ad from LIFE Apr 21, 1947 by Albert Dorne

Quotes and Comments

"Dorne worked seven days a week, sometimes cranking out ten illustrations per day."

~ Hack work for sure, but none identified and included in the book.

"In 1925, when Dorne turned twenty one, he was already keeping busy with editorial and advertising assignments, which netted him over $20,000 per year —" 

~ None of it represented in the book! Wasn't any of it signed? Is there no hint of his style that could aid in identification? Are there no samples squirreled away in the  archives of the various societies, museums groups and clubs? WTF! Which is to say that this book, like the publishers earlier volume on Robert Fawcett*, suffers from a dearth of early work. 'Master Illustrator' contains ten, that's '10' illustrations from 1924—1940, over a third of his career! …10 pictures ……10. …………TEN.

"He invented some of the earliest comic strip advertisements. … These sequential ads proved very popular with the public…"

~ Only one, from the not so early 1939, is printed in the book.


Basic research is sadly on par with the Fawcett book*:

Story title, author and date unknown
circa 1930's
circa 1940's
Year unknown
Date unknown
Commission unknown
Publication unknown
Author unknown
Company and date  …unknown

*Robert Fawcett:  The Illustrator's Illustrator

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