Monday, February 27, 2012

Robert Fawcett • Rockwell Kent

or: Seven & Seven Is

A visual mix

Can you tell

which is which



  1. Yup. But then you probably weren't asking me.

  2. I think both Rockwell Kent and Robert Fawcett were fighting their natural proclivities when they overlapped with this style. Kent was pretending he could draw when in reality he was second only to Wally Wood when it came to stiff, ungainly figures. Fawcett was pretending he had the restraint to be a graphic designer when he could never leave a picture alone. It was unnatural for an artist with Fawcett's genius for sensitive and varied line to be working in that pseudo woodcut style no matter how fashionable it was back then. I am guessing the further apart their styles grew, the happier they became.