Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Swipe Spot #13

or: Marat the Monster (Mash-Up)

Marat… I know what you expect, but that would only be an insult to you and embarrassing for me.

Marat the Monster, 1965 - Robert Fawcett

Sure Robert Fawcett paid homage to the iconic painting by David, but…

this post is meant to highlight Fawcett's swipe from another (once popular) painting.

Shown at the Paris Salon of 1880, Assassination of Marat (13 July 1793 at 8pm) by Jean-Joseph Weerts (1847-1927) was purchased by the State (France).

Jean-Joseph Weerts 1847-1927 (French) – Assassinat de Marat (13 Juillet 1793, à 8 heures du soir), 1880

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