Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robert Fawcett in Pictures

Robert Fawcett the Orson Welles of illustration.

Unlike the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, Fawcett's appearances are not mere walk-on cameos, but are often an essential supporting character or lead.

Just like Welles, Fawcett seemed to have relished the chance to play a part in the drama, and like Welles he knew no one else could play the role as well.

"I posed for the man on the edge of the bed myself, not to save a model's fee, but because I am convinced that most artists pose better than any models they can hire. I tried to get the feeling of his agony in the hands rather than by the usual mugging. Of course, I may get to be the bane of my own illustrations eventually." ~ Robert Fawcett  (from, Illustrating for The Saturday Evening Post)

Fawcett didn't just appear in his own productions. Here he is the star of an Austin Briggs!

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