Monday, November 23, 2009

Swipe Spot #5

Making the scene at the local grindhouse on Saturday night, I was disgusted to see a bit of plagiarism, usually, worthy only of an Italian. Dancing upon the wall with its sirens call was the one-sheet for The Witch Who Came From the Sea. The image of the scythe wielding witch seems to bear more than coincidental similarity with the cover to Vampirella #11.

Shocked that such could happen here in 1976, I trudged along to see the vixen of the sea in action. My nausea from that outrage in the lobby was not to be abated. Upon viewing the film, it came to me the realization that I had misread the billing. I mistook Rick Jason as "Billy Batt" for special guest star "Billy Barty". Here's to a better '77.

Art in film, Birth of Venus by Botticelli, do you get it? from the sea!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What's in the Water

One can easily discern a Gerome from an Ernst or a Bouguereau from Munier or even a better Lenoir. Kirby from Colan, no problem. A Monet is a Monet, a Renoir a Renoir, easy, but can anyone name the artist or make a distinction between these 5 paintings, done by 5 different painters. Is there a difference between this type of work and product licensing art depicting, say, Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh. Several of the painters even use the same typeface for their signature.

What is the root of the school? Same teacher? Same influences? Large and active market? Narrowness of vision?

Love those head studies!

The style lacks a name, so I'm going to call it Natur-Elle Moderne, let's see if it takes.