Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Swipe Spot #14

or: Frazetta helps himself to a handful of Bridgman

Frank Frazetta Billie Movie Poster
Unused Illustration, Original Art (MGM, 1965)

George B. Bridgman Hands
cut and pasted from Bridgman books

Frank Frazetta Billie with Bridgman Hands overlay

sample page from The Book of a Hundred Hands by George B. Bridgman

Friday, February 7, 2014

Norman Rockwell ~ May 1921

Norman Rockwell ~ The American Magazine, May 1921

"But it is not enough to draw things as they actually are, declares Mr. Rockwell. Behind every drawing that means anything must be an ideal…"

The article explains what things in the picture may symbolize. I would like to add that each thing has an ideal, not through association, that is, each thing doesn't symbolize other things, but that each has it own qualities; structure, texture, color, rhythm, energy …the nature of the thing which the artist attempts to bring forth in an ideal form. The intelligent design of line, pattern, value and color.

or as Rockwell's drawing master said ~

Once in a life class George Bridgman said to me, "My boy, you have drawn a leg, but you have missed the design of the leg." ~ Andrew Loomis, Eye of the Painter