Wednesday, September 22, 2010


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"muscle memory" Exactly, practice what you want to learn, in the way you want to practice it.

I recommend with some trepidation Lasar's book, Practical Hints for Art Students, for though it has much information, and is ostensibly for amateurs, it may be too dense for most. He does not discuss it, so I fear the angle machine is lost to history. I always imagined it as a kind of segmented & hinged ruler. Useful?

Note how Lasars figure abstraction and the controlling of salient points relates to the ideas presented here~ Doug Higgins

further more
The first exercise in The Art of Drawing by Willy Pogany is a sight-size lesson meant to develop your judgement of Distance, Direction, and Proportion. Pogany uses dots in the way Ruskin, if my memory hasn't failed, advocates using line drawings of fauna. Free-hand copy and self correct by overlaying.

""Well, there's a job I'd like to have. :)"" re:Lasars

I called, but they were no longer accepting applicants. :(