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Fawcett • Fellows

"(thanks) to Stephen Bone, Richard Murry, and James Fitton, R.A., of London, former fellow students, whose suggestions have been invaluable." ~ Rober Fawcett, from On the art of Drawing (Acknowledgements)

Richard Arthur Crossthwaite Murry, N.E.A.C. (1902-1984)

Richard Murry was a painter, etcher and illustrator.

He attended the Central School of Art where he had won a London County Council scholarship in 1922.

In 1925 he won a further scholarship to the Slade School of Art.

Murry was secretary at the NEAC for 3 years and then, in 1928 became assistant Art Master at the Architectural Association. He left the Architectural Association in 1930 to become a teacher at Surbiton Grammar School where he remained for 5 years.

In 1935 he became Librarian at the Architectural Association, retiring in 1967. 

During the war he was in the Royal Marines and the Royal Naval Film Unit.

He showed at the Gampil and Leger Galleries the NEAC, RBA and ROI.

Stephen Bone (1904-1958)

Born in Chiswick in 1904, as a son of Muirhead Bone, a Scottish craftsman and etcher.

English and Scottish landscape painter, war artist, author, critic and broadcaster educated at Bedales School and the Slade Art School. 
Winner of the gold prize for wood engraving at the Paris Decorative Arts Exhibition 1926, member of The New English Art Club, art critic for The Manchester Guardian, broadcaster in the 'Brains Trust' radio series and in the 'Critics' on television. 

Exhibited (generally small landscape panels) at the NEAC, the Royal Academy and at several one man shows and shared exhibitions. He was appointed an official naval war artist in 1944. His paintings and drawings of submarines and the Normandy Landings are in The Imperial War Museum. 
A portrait of Hugh Walpole by Stephen Bone is at the National Portrait gallery; his paintings are also in the Tate collection and in other UK public galleries. 

He wrote 'Albion an Artists Britain', 'The Shell Guide to the West Coast of Scotland', 'British Weather', 'The Landscapes of Britain' and three children's books (' The Little Boy and His House' , ' The Little Boy and His Boat' and 'The Silly Snail'). He illustrated other books with woodcuts. 

Stephen Bone was married to Mary Adshead, also an English painter (1904-1995).

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