Sunday, April 8, 2012

Master Copy #5

Robert Fawcett after The Pan Painter

The study of Greek vase paintings is obligatory for the student whose chief interest is line. ~ Robert Fawcett

Artemis shooting an arrow at Aktaion who has fallen to the ground attacked by his hunting dogs. Aktaion was a hunter, and the goddess of the hunt killed him by turning him into a stag, so that his own dogs tore him to pieces. This elegant rendering of the myth, with Artemis drawing her bow for the coup de grace, and the helpless hero sinking beneath the onslaught of the hounds, is considered one of the greatest of all Athenian vase paintings.


  1. Thanks for that quote. Several years ago I came to the conclusion that Greek vase painting represented a kind of cambrian explosion in western art, and that its importance is generally far underestimated.

    1. The ancients are the best, and frankly, their sincere study would greatly benefit the modern "traditionalist", for IMHO they currently trend in both style & sentiment toward banality & kitsch (but not in a kitschy way).