Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inspired By(?) #5

or: Pyle inspired by de Neuville?

The Attack upon the Chew House, 1898 - Howard Pyle 1912-92 
Two days after Howard Pyle died, muralist Edwin Howland Blashfield eulogized him in a letter to their mutual friend, architect Cass Gilbert: 

Dear Mr Gilbert

I was shocked to hear of Howard Pyle’s death and very very sorry too for I think he had before him years of work and I believe that his European trip would have put even more of interest into his beautiful talent. His canvas in the State Capitol of Minnesota is the finest battle-piece I’ve ever seen except that of the Bourget by De Neuville (which latter depends largely on its episodical quality).

His death is a very great loss 


Edwin H Blashfield

I wish I had known him better
[The letter comes from the Cass Gilbert Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress.]

Le Bourget, 30 octobre 1870, 1873 - Alphonse Marie de Neuville (1835-1885)

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