Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jennifer Jones 1919-2009

Portrait of Jennie, 1948

Beauty is truth, truth beauty,
that is all ye know on earth,
and all ye need to know.

Robert Brackman was chosen by producer David O. Selznick to paint the portrait which in the film can be seen to grow under the brush of Joseph Cotten. The canvas was painted in Brackman's studio in Noank, Connecticut, near New London, where Jennifer Jones resided during the period required for the fifteen sittings needed to complete the picture. Brackman also made a pastel study of Jennie as a young girl, which appears in the film in the early phase of the romance.
American Artist, December 1948

Joseph Cotton in the film starting the portrait.

Publicity photo, Cotton looks on as Robert Brackman paints Jennifer Jones' portrait.

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