Sunday, December 19, 2010

Antonin Sterba 1875-1963

Antonin Sterba, portrait painter, first studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,

Antonin Sterba, Self Portrait 

and then in Paris, under Jean Paul Laurens and Benjamin Constant.

Life Study, Paris 1901 - Antonin Sterba

Sterba was a successful teacher at both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Chicago's American Academy of Art.

life class - American Academy of Art - 1924

Coca-Cola Santa's Haddon Sundblom, pin-up master Gil Elvgren, movie poster illustrator/western artist Howard Terpning, cowboy artist Tom Ryan, and magic realist Ivan Albright are some of his more notable students.

Gil Elvgren,  Sunkissed

figure study by Haddon Sundblom

Gil Elvgren - Check and Double Check

Gillette Elvgren -LIFE- Mr. Sterba

Life Drawing - American Art Academy

Antonin Sterba, Self Portrait 

Lady in White, c1930 - Antonin Sterba

Haddon Sundblom, Love Racquet

Haddon Sundblom,  Coca-Cola, 1959

Howard Terpning, Twas the Night Before Christmas

Howard Terpning also spent valuable time as a Sundblom assistant.

Howard Terpning, Pin
Haddon Sundblom - PinUp

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