Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dan Content (1902-1990)

Dan Content attended Pratt Institute and the Art Students League, studying under Dean Cornwell and Harvey Dunn. Early in their respective careers Content and fellow artist Mead Schaeffer shared a studio in the Van Dyke building (8 Ave & 56th St). For nearly thirty years Dan Content freelanced, illustrating for such magazines as Colliers, Cosmopolitan, Readers Digest, and McCall's. In the 1950s he transitioned from artist to Art Director, working for Benton & Bowles, Inc., and later as head art director of corporate television for Fuller & Smith & Rogers. Though no longer illustrating Content never ceased creating art, turning toward abstract painting and sculpture.


  1. In all his works, Dan Content showed that he was a master of light. He also possessed another gift; the eyes of his oil pastel self-portrait will follow you everywhere in the room where it hangs!
    Cindy Hite Content