Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beer with Dolores & Brick

Nothing sells beer like film stars. Smooth and cool. Long tall and handsome. Who wouldn't want to drink what they drink? While some stars take a shine (and the money) to these ads, others shy away (or are to big to lure). Would Doris Day and Rock Hudson in their day and at their prime shill for Schlitz? Or in this case Burgie. No! What to do then? Why, hire an illustrator and through artful manipulation subtly imply the stars. Like the best propaganda, you'll never know why you want the product so much!

This throwaway production art, a billboard maquette (the proper term eludes), displays more effortless skill than you'll find on most museum walls.

Unidentified west coast illustrator (if you can identify the artist, please do).

Golf and beer with Bob Hope and his lovely wife. I'm there!

Billy Dee Williams, the man still has "it". Smooth.

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