Sunday, October 4, 2009

Central Casting - CREEPS

Men of no shame: harvey weinstein, woody allen, michael mann, mike nichols, martin scorsese, steven soderbergh and a cast to numerous to mention.

"...let's suppose for the sake of argument that the petition's signers are motivated exclusively by the desire to see justice done. What might that mean in practice? The petition starts out by coolly dismissing Mr. Polanski's crime as "a case of morals" (i.e., no big deal) involving "one of the greatest contemporary filmmakers." It then goes on to argue that the Zurich Film Festival is an "extraterritorial" event held in a "neutral country" to which filmmakers should be allowed to travel "freely and safely," just as if they were doctors or diplomats. The implication is all too clear: No matter what he may have done in the past, Mr. Polanski is an artist and therefore ought to go free. Period.
I find this pseudoargument impossible to stomach, and I can't imagine that Mr. Polanski's fellow filmmakers would be similarly inclined to make it on behalf of a director of made-for-TV movies."

WSJ article~

Yet more proof that you wouldn't be wrong in believing Hollyweird is populated by odious degenerates (as though the steady stream of filth they produce wasn't enough). These nickelodeonist stand in strong support of the convicted child rapist Roman Polanski. One might expect this from uber-cretin Woody Allen, but now one must question if Martin Scorsese spent any extra time "going over the script" with Jodie Foster during the filming of Taxi Driver. Mr. Scorsese has seen his own film, right?

For those that need a bat upside their numb-skull~

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