Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fawcett • SOAP

Cashmere Bouquet • 1935

"I started out with one great idol – Ingres." 
~ Robert Fawcett


  1. How in God's name do you find these things? And how can you be certain they are by Fawcett? (I am not challenging it, I am just curious).

    1. I just wish I could find higher quality goods… could someone please crack their bound volume of Good Housekeeping 1935 and scan these. Thanks!

      My attribution is based upon his known works from the period 1933~1938: the 1933 Cadillac ads, the 1935 Cashmere Bouquet ad you provided, his illus' for Mystery in Crockford 1936, and the work from Scribner's '37-'38. These Cashmere Bouquet ads easily fall into '34-'35.

      A pose, the tilt of a head, the tilt of a hand, the stylization of the hands, how the drapery is handled, personal "stock" features, which is to say how he might draw an eye, a mouth, a nose, his approach to rendering hair. Look at November's, who but Fawcett! …September, I would like to see a better reproduction, but the face, the hand at her bosom…

      I'm fine with anyone challenging me, with facts, but if you ask me Fawcett or Other… FAWCETT.