Tuesday, March 27, 2012

R.F. • Flo-master

"I do not use it just as it comes to me. I sharpen or blunt the felts as needed and I experiment with inks, but the basic instrument has always been reliable and now I would be lost without it." ~ Robert Fawcett


  1. Fawcett used to exasperate his peers by achieving such great results with these felt tip markers. No one else could make them work the way that he did. (Unfortunately, his drawings with markers have all faded and changed colors now).

    This is a nice selection of figure studies. I have always especially loved that third one from the top (the woman sleeping on the chair) and that bottom one where Fawcett dealt so confidently with her shoulder blades and her gluteus maximus.

    1. Drawing direct with black ink requires one to be decisive, the results prove the true master.

      My favourite is the seated nude from behind, in particular the line defining the form of the body, left-side.